The Science of Getting Rich
You Deserve to Be Rich
Summation of truths and wisdom of wealth Wallace D. Wattles

There is a Science To Getting Rich, and wealth invariably follows in doing things in a
Certain Way. Here is a summation from the study of the truths and wisdom of
Wallace D. Wattles:

1. No one has monopolized your opportunity. You may be prevented from
certain businesses, but other channels are open to you. If you have no capital you
can get capital. If you are in the wrong business, you can get in the right business.
If you are in the wrong location, you can go in the right location. Your
opportunities begin when you do things in a Certain Way.

2.  Getting rich has nothing to do with your environment. Rest assured that
there is no such thing as poverty: only wealth. People remain in an environment of
poverty because they are ignorant that there is wealth for them. Collectively
humanity is rich, and so if individuals are poor it is only because they do not follow
doing things a Certain Way. No one is poor because there is not enough to go
around. Nature is an inexhaustible storehouse of riches. The supply is at the
command of the person who acts in a Certain Way.

3. Obtaining wealth is not the result of saving. No one ever scrimped and
saved their way to riches. You have the right to feed your mind and develop your
intellect, so allow yourself the wealth that surrounds you and be grateful more is
coming. Know that the money will come if you maintain faith. If you are saving to
fund capital requirements, then know that while starting a business does require
capital, if you do things in a Certain Way, the money will surely come to you.

4. You can get rich in any business. People get rich in every business and every
profession. While it's true that you will do best in a business that calls use for your
talents and location, you can start from where you are today. If you haven't the
right talent, it merely means you will have to make your tools as you go along. It is
easier to succeed in a business for which you are well equipped with the mental
tools; however, you will get rich most happily if you do what you want to do.

5. Talent isn't a factor in getting rich either. In actuality, rich people are an
average lot. There are talented musicians who have remarkable talent but who
remain poor. There are carpenters who have mechanical ability, but do not get rich.
There are business people with sales skills who nevertheless fail. While many
talented people have failed at getting rich, they have done so only by not using the
good tools they have in the Right Way.

6. Anyone can get rich. All kinds of people get rich whether they are talented,
clueless, intelligent, stupid, healthy and weak and sickly people get rich. Anyone can
learn to do things in a Certain Way which causes success.

The Science To Getting Rich starts in forming a clear and mental picture of what
you want. Dwell upon your mental picture until it is distinct. Pay thought to
personal action, and do today's work well.
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