The Science of Getting Rich on eBay
Chapter 1: The Right to Be Wealthy
There is a science to getting rich on eBay and earning residual income.

By M.C. Nygard, former eBay Platinum PowerSeller

When you decide purpose, build this
vision, and set the goal, then you can
become wealthy on eBay and apply the
concepts of the science to have virtually
anything you want.

To become successful on eBay, you
must take the fundamental principles
on faith. Rest assured that you've come
to this guide with the desire to become
wealthy on eBay, and it's comforting to
know that desire is the manifestation of
the power you have within to become
successful on eBay.

I wrote this guide with simplicity, so that it's extremely easy to understand and
follow. It bears the supreme test of practical experiment: it works. The fact is that
anyone can get rich on eBay if they follow the guide and do exactly as it tells. So
let's begin with a quote from Wallace D. Wattles:

"WHATEVER may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible
to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich."

This is the truth. You have the unalienable right to be rich on eBay and beyond
eBay. It's okay to want to be rich on eBay or Amazon, and in fact, you deserve to
be rich on eBay or anywhere else. Gaining your wealth on eBay is an aspiration for
which you should be proud. Know that whether you get rich on eBay or through
some other means, you can't rise to a level of talent or achievement without money.
It is money that allows you recreation, travel and as a means to surround yourself
with objects of art and beauty. Your soul unfolds in use of material things for body
and mind. And it is money that allows you to attain the highest level of happiness in
giving to others.

Your right to be rich on eBay begins when you expect wealth on eBay. You can
begin to feel the faith that you will be wealthy, and then you can let this faith work
out in every transaction. Along the way, you should never be content with a little,
and you should never take from others. You must so impress others that in
associating with you that they will get increase themselves. In other words, see too
it that customers will get a "use value" that is greater than the "cash value" they pay
"WHATEVER may be
said in praise of
poverty, the fact
remains that it is
not possible to live
a really complete or
successful life
unless one is rich."

-- Wallace D. Wattles

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