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Residual Income:
Money that recurs over
time, leveraged from an
initial effort, such as
from rental property, a
limited partnership or
other enterprise. Also
sometimes called

Passive Income
. The
income continues its

Portfolio Income:
Money that comes from
dividends, interest or
capital gains.

Linear Income:
Trading time for money
as with a salaried job.
Also sometimes called
Active income or
Earned Income
. Linear
income includes monies
earned by self
employed individuals.
Income ends when the
person stops working.

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Here are some ideas for
residual income fun.
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Passive Residual Income Ideas
Profiting from passive residual income and learning about passive income,
portfolio income, linear income, active income or earned income

My father didn't realize that he set up a passive income stream, but he did. "Make your
money work for you," he always said. He was right, but the trouble was, he never figured
out how to do it on his own. But he did DO one thing right. He worked 25 years at his job
for a bank that offered a pension and he's been living off it since he retired at 50. The
pension he receives is a form of residual income, also called passive income or recurring
income. It's money that continues to be generated after the initial effort (his 25 years of

There are residual income opportunities everywhere, but we don't always take action the
way we should. Let's discuss passive and residual income streams:

  • BECOME A LANDLORD. Buy Real Estate, find tenants, then sit back and watch as
    someone else pay your mortgage. There is a talent to buying a property where the
    cashflow is in your favor. The trick is to ensure that the mortgage, insurance, taxes,
    and maintenance costs are lower than the rent you are collecting. Leverage expertise
    of the masters by reading books.

  • TAKE ACTION IN AFFILIATE MARKETING. Start by earning a lifetime of good
    residual income from eBay. When you get experienced, look to ClickBank, which is a
    popular marketplace for affiliate marketers. At ClickBank, you sign up, pick a product,
    target at your audience, write an ad and insert your affiliate link and start collecting
    the income. Whatever residual income affiliate income program you choose, model
    after the successful ones, like Robert Allen,author of Multiple Streams of Residual

  • DEVELOP A CONTENT RICH WEB SITE. You can gain income quickly from Google if
    you create a content rich site that draws massive amounts of traffic. The funds can
    come if you cleverly sprinkle the site with Google pay-per click ads. The trick is
    developing an audience that matches relevant ads available in Google. Our site helps
    you earn residual income from eBay, but we don't yet generate income from Google.

    are salespeople as are insurance brokers who are paid commission after a policy has
    been in place for a certain length of time. Many sales positions, like insurance or
    financial investing, require getting a license. Easy enough, but a bother for the quick
    career switch.

  • BUY A FRANCHISE. A franchise is someone else's business model that you purchase.
    A residual income business, like a franchise, gives you the rights to their branding,
    resources, and model for success. But this requires capital, and still requires that you
    have the business acumen to follow the course of action and wait years to realize a
    return on your investment. You also may not be successful at the franchise if you
    don't do things in a Certain Way.

  • BUY STOCKS AND COLLECT DIVIDENDS. Most people buy stocks for capital gains.
    In a down-turned economy, it's the best time to buy stocks if you buy for the
    dividends. The key is to select investments that yield recurring dividends.

    digital images (art, illustrations, photographs, streaming video) and you'll earn
    residual income every time someone downloads your digital images.

  • WRITE A BOOK OR A MAGAZINE ARTICLE. You will earn residual income if a
    publisher takes on your project. Of course writing a book through a publisher or
    getting your article published by a magazine requires. You can also sell an eBook on
    your own Web site, on Amazon, or through the affiliate marketplace, such as
    ClickBank, Affiliate Junction, or Share-a-sale and earn money to your PayPal account.

Other residual income ideas are to:
  • write a song (collect royalties from published music, become an actor (get residual
    income off movies in syndication),
  • write a software program, sell a video (and collect royalty checks),
  • create a game (one of my favorites is CASHFLOW 101 by Robert T. Kiyosaki).

You get the idea. It means you must take action, create or invent something. There is an
abundance of opportunity and this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the words of Wallace D.
Wattles, in his book, THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH: You are to become a creator, not a
competitor; you are going to get what you want, but in such a way that when you get it
every other man will have more than he has now."
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