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Residual Income Ideas: Make money
submitting digital images
Submit digital pictures or stock footage, tell others about it and cash in on
some good residual income.

Did you know you can make money
taking digital pictures and selling them?
If you have a digital camera, then you
can make money. Even if you don't
have a digital camera you can make
money. And you don't need to buy
some fancy eBook course to tell you
how to do it. Imagine getting paid to
submit photos to the Internet or just
telling others about this cool new way
to make some extra cash. It's easy.

Learn how to submit pictures from a
digital camera, video camera, or vector
based illustration program, below.

There are three ways to
make money with digital images:

1. Sell your images.
You can make .25 for each image downloaded. This is money you make again and
again. To make the most money, think about what kind of a picture someone would
buy, then photograph it! Try to pick a subject matter which has a commercial value,
but that has few options. For example, go to your grocery store and photograph
shopping carts. We found just two shopping cart images, but someone out there
surely needs a shopping cart picture. Get ideas by checking blogs, surfing Web
sites, looking at the kinds of advertising that comes to your door. Think beyond
photographs, they accept digital illustrations and stock footage! Submit original
stock photography and digital images now.

2. Refer stock buyers
Have a friend who is a Webmaster, graphic artist, writer or marketing manager?
Work your friends in the business. With just one deal you could make 20%
annually of $2,559 or around $500! This is an excellent source of residual income.
Become stock image affiliate and start referring buyers.

3. Refer other submitters.  
Have a friend who is a budding photographer? Go to the local college or high school
and shine the light on this new money making idea. Everyone profits (they earn .25
cents an image and you can earn .03 for each of their downloads.
Become stock
photography affiliate and start referring other submitters today.

Now get out there and submit pictures from a digital camera, video camera, or
vector based illustration program, so you can start making money with photos.
And spread the word on how to make residual income by becoming an affiliate.
M.C. Nygard, right
wants you to earn a
lifetime of good
residual income.

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often and sign up
for our
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Residual Income
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