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Chapter 1: Climbing the money ladder
Go beyond PowerSeller to become a high-volume / high-margin seller and
learn about passive income opportunities.

By M.C. Nygard, former eBay Platinum PowerSeller
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wants you to earn a
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Chapter 1: Climbing
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  • they offer hard-to-find sporting equipment (parts) at around 30-35% above wholesale,
    which offers a significant discount to their clients.
  • their clients are passionate about their sport, which sets the foundation for repeat
    business potential.
  • they've adopted a local professional team
  • they buy wholesale and can secure delivery quickly for their clients. This frees up their
    capital -- in short they can leverage a just-in-time inventory plan. (They can test new
    products by listing them and then buying them when they have a sale.)
  • they packed strong branding into their eBay store using yellow in all their pictures to
    make them stand out. It pays to get a little creative with a photo editing software like
    Photoshop. Their listings get more attention and more sales than their competitors!

What can you learn by studying a powerseller? Everything!

eBay Secret Tip: You must study a PowerSeller to become a Powerseller. Do what they do
and you'll pretty much be guaranteed success. Author and motivational speaker Anthony
Robbins calls this "modeling." We also suggest you read  THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH by
Wallace D. Wattles.

So get to know those who are PowerSellers. Even buy from them! You may get wind of a
new product idea, discover a trick about listing on eBay or uncover a packing/shipping tip. Be
creative to see how you can improve delivery, package items better, or deliver a quality
product. In a word:
Spy on Powersellers. The secret is simple: model a PowerSeller's
success, and then be creative without competing with them. Example:
John Thornhill.

Note:  This guide is based on "Patterns of Success." If you have but an inkling of a negative thought about rich
people, and hold steadfast with unfavorable adjectives towards them, then you have cursed yourself with a lifetime of
servitude to your current circumstance. This smacks the truth. You can not put yourself in opposition to the very thing
you desire.

As nature has its ebbs and tides, so are your opportunities in life. You must take direction to steer yourself in the
direction you choose. Nature has left for you clues about its bounty in every crystal formation, in every leaf or blade of
grass, in the growth of every living.

Open your heart to the premise that life is good and that all the bounty of the earth is possible for you to attain. Have
peace in knowing that without a competitive spirit, without hatred, and without , wealth is attained, and easily. It is with
gratitude and These are the "patterns of success." When you study the patterns of success, then and only then can
you learn to duplicate them. Make it your first calling, then to study the masters and the patterns of success, so that
you may follow the path of the great men and women before you...

  • Prentice Mulford (1834-1891): Wrote several essays and had them compiled into a series called "The White
    Cross Library" in 1888. A popular edition was Volume II "Your forces and how to use them and in it he urged
    readers to "look forward" without regret stating that nothing in nature goes backward. He went so far with the
    point as to write "The Art of forgetting." With various essays first published in 1908, it wasn't until 1953 that
    G Bell and Sons Ltd. in London compiled selected essays into a book of 171 pages, entitled "Thoughts are
    Things" for which he receives most credit thanks to Rhonda Byrne,
  • Wallace D. Wattles (1860-1911) Wattles was among the first to direct people to think in a "Certain Way."
    Popularized creative-thought principles in his ground-breaking classic "The Science of Getting Rich." One of
    the first publishings was under the copyright of 1915 Elizabeth Towne. Later he wrote also "The Science of
    Being Great," and "The Science of Being Well." A progressive social reformer and New Thought pioneer.
  • George S. Clason (1874-1957) Started writing in 1926 used parables set in ancient Babylon to make each of
    his points. Required reading for anyone who wants to know how the rich get rich, wise is the person who reads
    and takes to heart the lessons of 'The Richest Man in Babylon.'
  • Napoleon Hill (1883 -1970). Set forth the notion that "What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can
    achieve." Under the direct influence of Andrew Carnegie, Hill was commission in 1908 to interview 500
    successful men to discover and publish this formula for success. As a result he wrote "Think and Grow Rich."
    A trusted advisor to Woodrow Wison (19 to 19) and to President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933 to 1936)
  • Robert Collier (1885-1950) Unveiled "The world's greatest discovery" distilled in his 1925 series "The book
    of Life" (a seven volume course, which and later rolled into a new title "Secret of the Ages" in 1926, later
    revised into new edition in 1948). Collier distllled new thought metaphysical, and success principles.
  • Charles F. Haanel (1866-1949) achieved success as both a businessman and an author.  The "Father of
    Personal Development," Haanel was among the earliest writers to popularize the "Law of Attraction." He
    published "The Master Key System" first as a correspondence course in 1912. He compiled the lessons into
    single volume in 1917.
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Your journey to PowerSeller success
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find a PowerSeller on eBay, study their
habits, then model or "copy" their
successes. You should have no trouble
picking a PowerSeller that captures your
interest by just poking around.

We studied a PowerSeller who has a
simple, but powerful formula for success
and here's what we learned from one
platinum Powerseller:
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