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eBay Platinum Powerseller Secrets:
Free guide helps you become a high-volume / high-margin seller on eBay
and learn about passive income opportunities to go beyond eBay.

It's time to get the real deal from a real live PowerSeller living the American dream. Consider
this free guide as your personal roadmap to making thousands a month on eBay working in
your jammies!* Get ready to crack the eBay code and go beyond eBay because while it's our
aim to help you become an eBay Powerseller, it's also our goal to help you move beyond
eBay for passive and residual income on Google, Amazon and shopping eBay, right.

This important free eBay guide covers:

  • The top ten secret tips for success on eBay: Find out whether the products you want
    to sell are "eBayable" (items you are "able" to sell successfully on "eBay"). It's the juicy
    details that others just won't divulge!

  • Climbing the money ladder: go from PowerSeller to high-volume / high-margin seller...
    to an entrepreneur with income streams well beyond eBay.
Earn a lifetime of
good residual
income from eBay
and beyond with
help from former
eBay Platinum
Powerseller, M.C.
Nygard, left.

The goal of this free
guide is to impart
simple and effective
eBay tools and key
learnings in the art of
Powerselling on eBay.
Knowledge is power
when applied
property. Only the
most successful people
in life take massive
action to make their
dreams come true.
What are you going
todo today, tomorrow,
next week, and next
month to bring your
eBay business to
Powerseller status?

After reading the
guide, review the
Powerseller DOs
and DONTs then
start living the
Powerseller Dream.

Articles and tips to
help you sell on
Start an eBay
(how to get your
eBay business

Make money with
eBay (and don't sell
a thing)

Drop Shipping
Scams (and real
wholesale sources)

Make money on eBay

eBay and Taxes
  • Home-based Business 101: Set the foundation for your business by making it legal
    with 12 vital steps for your eBay business.

  • Inventory 101:  Discover dirty wholesale traps (and how to avoid them), know the
    best ways to source product, get the low-down on drop shipping, wise up on stocking
    a store for a niche, and manage inventory with ease.

  • PowerListing(R): Get the secret formula for writing auctions that sell, save hundreds
    of dollars on listings with free pictures, develop a winning pricing strategy, boost store
    traffic, and save time listing your auctions.

  • PowerShipping(R): Learn the secrets of improving client satisfaction through efficient
    shipping techniques, discover free shipping supplies, and find ways to fatten your
    wallet through creative shipping tricks.

  • PowerFeedback(R) Attain superior rates of client satisfaction to keep clients coming to
    your store, know how to deal with the serial complainers, curb damaging feedback, and

  • Taxes 101. Capitalize on tax benefits and prepare for the meeting with your CPA to
    save thousands on your taxes and increase your bottom line.

  • Secret Powerseller Resources: Discover an aresenal of advanced tools to leverage
    your success on eBay. This is the eBay specific stuff no one else will tell you.

  • Powerseller DOs and DON'Ts: Review the strategies that will catapult your success.

The secrets to turning clutter into cash and turning your passion into a profession are just a
few pages away. Take heed, take note and take action to make eBay your monetary oasis.
Happy Powerselling!

M.C. Nygard
Former eBay Platinum Powerseller

P.S. This guide will not tell you exactly what to sell on eBay; what kind of a postal scale,
scanner or digital camera to buy; or how to set up your office. Those are all personal
decisions. Instead, this guide will divulge confessions and secrets designed to give you a
competitive advantage and to help you crack the eBay code. So let's get started
CASH BACK AT EBAY helps you win rebates and residual income from eBay. Get rich on eBay,
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Make money on OTHER
PEOPLE's eBay listings:
How to become an
eBay Powerseller
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