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eBay tools for sellers
Three free eBay tools (and one that costs just a buck):

Looking for eBay tools? We've got more eBay tools for sellers, but here are our favorites:

Cash Back Tool: Our favorite eBay seller tool, right, is free to join and helps sellers promote
their business. You get paid on
other people's eBay listings. Sellers can list their eBay store
to help get more sales and talk with other sellers in free forums. It works like this: you join,
you shop and you get paid. Here's the clincher: when you refer others who join, shop and
get paid you get paid for their purchases and purchases of their friends. It means you get
paid for people you didn't even refer (up to five levels). How cool is that?

eBay & Paypal fee calculator: This free tool for eBay sellers helps you calculate your overall
profit or loss. This will help you adjust your project earnings to become more profitable. The
eBay fee calculator was updated May 19, 2010.

eBay Typo Tool: Profit from spelling mistakes with Fat Fingers an eBay typo tool.

eBay Spy Tool: You get four eBay tools in one for a buck. All you need is an eBay ID and a
link to spy on any eBay member and become an eBay snoop:
  • See what your competitors are earning on eBay (gross profits)
  • Learn how much they're paying in eBay fees (to the penny)
  • Know what they've sold (to study their auctions)
  • Discover what they're buying on eBay (to snoop their bidding and buying habits)
M.C. Nygard believes
there is a
Science to
Getting Rich on eBay.

You can spy on any
eBay member and do
it legally, ethically and
without competitive
spirit. There is an
abundance for all on
eBay and you can
learn from other
PowerSellers without
taking anything from

For more on the topic,
please read THE
RICH by Wallace D.

Listen to the SCIENCE
audio now by clicking
below (this is totally
free and wonderful
inspiration for getting
rich on eBay and

Chapter 1-4

Chapters 5-8

Chapter 9-12

Chapters 13-17

NOTE: Published in
accordance with the
audio copyright.
Listener may not sell,
but may distribute to
those who may
benefit, herein the
eBay seller.
Make money on OTHER
PEOPLE's eBay listings:
eBay Spy Tool. Just
$1 to learn what
competitors earn:
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