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How to Avoid eBay Scams & Related scams
Take action to investigate these scams.

Here is a growing list of scams we've found that you should avoid:

Here is a full list of rejected cash back sites.

eBay Scams

Bid Shielding.
Unscrupulous eBay buyers may run bids unusually high to scare off potential
buyers. Then as part of the scam, the bidder retracts the higher bids and gets the item at a
much lower cost.

Bait and Switch. Seller lures buyer with a product at an extremely low and unprofitable price,
then reveals that the product is not available and substitutes with inferior merchandise.

Buy and Switch. Beware as this scam happens often on eBay!

Counterfeiting: Replicas of art, jewelry, gems, designer brands or collectibles sold as
authentic on eBay. They are knockoffs or fakes. See also piracy.

Customs Scams. Goods are often held up in customs for various reasons, legitimate and
otherwise. For example, Italy does not permit jewelry to enter the Country; Singapore
custom law also prevent jewelry and accessories. Likewise, interceptions in delivery occur
frequently in developing nations and it is almost impossible for sellers to secure insurance.

Failure to ship: Simply, the eBay seller takes the money and runs. Thankfully this doesn't
happen much on eBay as too many negatives would make it quickly make it transparent to

Failure to pay: In the past eBay buyers have sent phoney money orders, or sent checks that
bounce, but thankfully eBay requires PayPal, which does present a level of security for the
eBay buyer..

Fencing: Selling stolen goods on eBay, or anywhere.
Loss or Damage: Occasionally eBay sellers don't wrap merchandise properly, or don't ship at
all, but sometimes they break merchandise and before it gets packaged. Either way, the
scam has to do with whether you purchased insurance. The Seller may require insurance on
goods already damaged and take the up the claim, or they may not refund the buyer money
because the buyer did not purchase insurance.

Misrepresentation: When an eBay seller overstates the value, authenticity or condition of an
Piracy: Unauthorized use and sale of a reproduction of copyrighted or patented material,
such as music and software. See also counterfeiting.

Shell auctions: Seller puts up a fake auction or fixed price listing with the sole purpose of
obtaining credit card numbers.

Shill bidding: This happens when the eBay seller artificially inflates the price by using of fake
bids from another account, or using friends, accomplices, or fake eBay IDs. eBay has some
systems in place to prevent such scams.

Triangulation: A scam of credit card fraud and theft whereby an unsuspecting eBay buyer
receives merchandise on approval from a seller in exchange for cash. The seller then secures
merchandise from a stolen credit card and ships it to the buyer, leaving the buyer as suspect
in the credit card fraud scheme.
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