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Secret eBay Shopping Tricks
Three ways buyers can cash in on the savings available at eBay:

eBay Buyers Guide: Here are some eBay tools you can use to get more out of eBay and save

  • eBay cash Rebate Tool: Getting cash back at in the U.S. is pretty easy to do.
    While eBay has temporarily suspended cash back programs in the U.S., you can still get
    cash back in the U.S. when you shop eBay through your cash back program and start
    your shopping at (Canada's eBay site). Best of all, this buyer's tool is free free
    with no commitments whatsoever. This is an especially important tool for buyers of gold.

  • eBay Typo Tool: Spelling mistakes happen and when they do, a buyer on eBay wants
    to know about it. Other people's typos save you money!

  • eBay Sniping Tool: Sniping tools save money, but you can't use your sniping service
    and also get cash back at eBay, so choose wisely: snipe or get cash back.

What you need to know before leaving a seller feedback on eBay. Please read this public
service message about understanding eBay's new feedback system brought to you by the
online merchant association.

  • Sleuth an eBay member!  Discover what a nemesis bidder is buying on eBay so you
    can copy them. Wow! All you need is an eBay ID and our link. You may learn some
    tricks as to why they always win over you or where they get their stuff.  We snooped
    the author of an eBay auction book and the author of a collectibles guide to see where
    each got the best deals and to learn the patterns of bidding habits. Easy to do, we
    were able to beat them to the punch (and they are none the wiser).

  • Win amazing deals with this eBay Typo Tool:  The eBay bucks stop here because
    now you can profit from other peoples mistakes. When eBay sellers make a mistake on
    their listing, like a typo in the title, you win a great deal because there are fewer other
    bidders who can find the listing. You'll pay fewer bucks on what you want at eBay.

  • Get automated searches by e-mail: Try this absolutely free tool to help you scout your
    favorite product listings on eBay. If you're an eBay buyer looking for something special,
    you'll appreciate the e-mail updates specifically on items you want.

  • Auction sniping: Ever wonder how someone always seems to out bid you? Now you
    can arrange a bid in the last few seconds of the auction and win more often. You'll pay
    fewer bucks for what you want. With a sniping tool you can secretly arrange a bid for
    an eBay auction to snipe away great deals in the last five seconds before the auction
    closes with 98.98 percent accuracy.

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