eBay Alternatives
eBay Alternatives
Which is the right eBay alternative for you?

Looking for alternatives to selling on eBay? If you're searching for eBay alternatives because
you no longer want to sell on eBay, can't sell on eBay, or because you'd like to practice
auction flipping, also known as auction arbitrage, then you absolutely should look into other
online auction sites. But which is the right eBay alternative for you?

Our number one choice is Amazon.com  Let Amazon pick, pack and ship for you. No per item
listing fees. Just .99 per sale + referral fee.  While Amazon.com has an auction component, it
is better to sell via their Marketplace which allows sellers to piggyback on what Amazon sells.
Let's start with the most obvious eBay alternative:
Amazon and compare with eBay:
  • eBay's Google Pagerank is 8/10. Alexa traffic rank: 23 of top 100 sites
  • Amazon's Google Pagerank 9/10. Alexa traffic rank: 19 of top 100 sites

Top alternatives to eBay
  • Top on our list of eBay alternatives for vintage sellers:
  • ETSY (your place to buy all things handmade, vintage and supplies) Google
    Pagerank 7.
  • RubyLane. Google Pagerank 5.
  • Look soon to RubyPlaza (the sister site to RubyLane). No current pagerank.

  • Top on our list of eBay alternatives for sellers of handmade:
  • ETSY (your place to buy all things handmade, vintage and supplies) Google
    Pagerank 7.
  • CraftMall (buy or sell arts and crafts online). Google Pagerank 4.

Renegade alternatives to eBay
Are you a renegade? Simply think eBay sucks? There are hundreds of alternatives to selling
on eBay (or buying for that matter) and we're building a list. Add these online auction sites to
your list of eBay alternatives to consider:

  1. Bidz.com  (connects you to sales of items on a “last minute basis”). Google Pagerank 5
  2. HiBidder.com (a free eBay alternative site). Google Pagerank 3
  3. Feverbid.com (eBay alternative for jewelry, clothing, arts & crafts) Google pagerank 1

Other eBay alternatives (specialty):
  • WineBid Sells wines at auction.
  • Penbid.com  Specializes in antique pens, pencils and books about them.
  • LabX  Sells lab equipment, medical equipment, and analytical instruments.
  • Just Beads!  A resource for artisans who need beads, jewelry, stones, beaded bags
  • Pottery Auction A place to sell pottery.
  • Playle Specializing in vintage postcards.
  • Bid4Assets Markets to buyers of high ticket items such as real estate, cars, jewelry

5. Liquidation Marketplaces – ideal for sellers offering hundreds or thousands of inventory
  • Overstock Targets females and their best selling items (women’s shoes and handbags,
    fashion jewelry, small electronics and cell phone accessories). Overstock’s customers
    are typically affluent yet value conscious.
  • UBid Sells brand name merchandise for hefty discounts with bidders pre-qualified
    before submitting a bid (they need to provide credit card information)
  • Liquidation.com  Provides the largest surplus marketplace not intended for sellers
    offering single items.

6. Local Buyers – for big and bulky items you want to sell, or if you prefer local buyers
instead of the global marketplace

  • LiveDeal.com  Allows buyers to search by location; allows buyers to make offers to
  • Craigslist  This is the most popular free classified ads local directory.
  • Yahoo Classifieds  A free classified ads for most household goods

Finally, your own Web site is an ideal eBay alternative. Instead of selling through a different
auction sales channel, opt to create your own e-commerce site. Have buyers can directly
purchase from you and skip eBay altogether.
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eBay alternatives
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