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Getting your eBay business rolling
The mechanics of getting started on eBay and beyond.

Once you've created your eBay account, set up your payment processing and have done due
diligence in getting a business license and a seller's permit, you can get your eBay business
rolling with our quick start tips.

Here are six TO DOs to get your eBay business up and running.

  • Create an ABOUT ME page. Every eBay seller should create an ABOUT ME page
    because it is a free advertising vehicle.

  • Start shopping on eBay. Purchase at least ten things from ten different sellers, pay
    promptly and gain 10 feedback point. This magic number will help you gain credibility
    with your potential clients and could cost you $10 or under. Gone are the days when
    you could buy a dozen digital products for under $10 bucks and buy your feedback
    score. eBay has banned digital products for sales as many sellers thrived as feedback

    Here's the SECRET FOR BUILDING FAST FEEDBACK: Search for low priced items by
    doing an advanced item search (click advanced search, pick a keyword, select BUY
    NOW under buying options, and sort by Price + Shipping Lowest first). Sorting under
    "BUY NOW" is the fastest way to build a feedback score. Some inexpensive categories
    to consider include party supplies, scrapbook materials (like rubber stamps), vintage
    sewing buttons, and cosmetics (like nail polish) are a great place to start for low cost

  • Make sure you have eBay tools in place. You can buy most of what you need at
    Staples and eBay. We recommend you register first with our secret rebate club, then
    you can earn cash back from all your eBay and Staples purchases. You already have a
    computer, now you need to:

  1. secure a scanner or digital camera (possibly both);
  2. buy a postage scale, and
  3. get your packing materials (boxes, plastic bags, tape, packing peanuts, paper
    rolls to crinkle in boxes, bubbles).

  • Get a logo. A professional logo is the start of your branding campaign and can cost
    you as little as $79 at LogoMaker. But remember to tell the designer to think about
    your logo in terms of eBay. This means you'll want to choose a simple black logo that
    captures attention when combined with an accent color. For some of our business we
    use an obnoxious hot pink or high-lighter style yellow or orange. These are attention
    getting to help make them stand apart from other eBay listings.

  • Consider getting a Post Office Box. A post office box enables you to conduct business
    without giving away your home address information. It will cost you around $100 for a
    small Post Office Box with the United States Postal Service. You'll still need to tie your
    post office box with a residential address and the post office verifies this address
    before providing you with a post office box.

  • Consider a dedicated phone line. You don't want people calling you at home at 3:00 a.
    m., so you might as well set up a phone line just for your store. This could be your cell
    phone, but beware that if you plan on selling wholesale, many manufacturers are
    unwilling to sell to someone who only lists a cell phone or a P.O. Box.

Now that you have the basics in place, you can run out and print those business cards.
how to print free business cards.) You may also like to start selling on Amazon.
M.C. Nygard, right,
sells only casually
today, but 2005-2008
she was an eBay
Platinum Powerseller.

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