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What to Sell on eBay: tips and tricks
The most important decision an eBay seller can make is deciding what to sell

If you want to profit on eBay, you must consider that what sells in a retail store, isn't
necessarily what sells on eBay. If you don't know what to sell on eBay, look first for products
that are "eBayable" (items you are "able" to sell on "eBay").

The sales process is distinctly different on eBay. Let's face it, eBay is for bargain hunters,
collectors, and people who are passionate about something whether it's their kid, their car,
their dog, their game room, and their DVD collection. They have a need and they are looking
for you to fill that need. So what should you sell? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Clients will come to you in swarms if you have
better pricing, offer something that's hard-to-find.

  • Better pricing explains why an eBayer in Honolulu, for example, may buy shorts in the
    dead of winter from someone in Detroit. Sure you can buy cool shorts in Hawaii, but
    someone in Detroit, who bought the stylish shorts for pennies on the dollar in an end-
    of-summer sale can pass along the bargain and still profit. That's the beauty of eBay.

  • Hard-to-find may also be the reason that this very eBayer says "Aloha" to a Parka and
    boots sold from someone in Minnesota. Where's she going to find a parka in Hawaii for
    her Aspen vacation? eBay fills her need for a bargain and her want for something hard
    to find in Hawaii.

Don't know what to sell on eBay? Give thought to products that offer better prices or are hard
to find. Next be sure to buy in bulk, buy wholesale, and avoid drop shipping. See what items
sell best on eBay.Cross-check to see that your product is "eBayable" using our ten-point
checklist of
what to sell on eBay.
eBay Selling Tips:

1. Buy in bulk / buy
Buying in bulk means you
will save money so you can
resell for profit. Sure, you
can buy in bulk retail, by
shopping Walmart or
Costco, but why would you?
Buying in bulk usually
means buying wholesale.
Of course, buying
wholesale requires that you
secure a
business license.
It's easy enough and well
worth the time.

Here's a well guarded
wholesale secret source:
GoWholesale is the ideal
solution to find
wholesalers, distributors,
importers and suppliers
who have the products and
services for your eBay

Another great site to check
out is
wholesalecentral, but
don't be fooled as they are
really a distribution site
and not offering true

2. Avoid drop shipping
If you're looking to buy in
bulk, then you'll need a
good wholesale source.
stay away from drop

So when you're looking for
what to sell on eBay, make
sure to buy in bulk, buy
wholesale and avoid drop
. And finally, make
sure what you offer has
better prices and is hard to
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