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What to Sell on eBay, and What not to Sell
Part four

  • Can you get a clear, professional looking image of your product? Can you get the
    manufacturer's image? Can you scan the item, so it looks crisp? Or can you take a clean
    digital picture? A picture really is worth a thousand words. A good picture can increase
    bids by 10 percent and final price by 12 percent. In short, it's well worth the price!
    Other tips: be sure to emphasize in copy if an item is smaller than it appears in the
    picture or if the color is slightly off. Make up in words what the picture may distort.

  • Is the product is easy to store and ship? There's a reason why the U.S. Postal Service
    asks you whether an item is fragile, perishable, liquid or hazardous, they cause
    problems in transit. In short, it's best to steer clear from highly fragile items as you'll
    only cause more work for yourself, not only in terms of storage, but in client complaints
    and filing insurance claims if they break in transit. If your product is perishable, you'll
    need a cool, dry place to store them, you'll have to sell them quickly and you may have
    to insure them in transit for such things as melting. If your product is too big, you may
    not have space to store them in your home, let alone a box to ship them.

  • Will the product fit into an envelope or box you have available (preferably a FREE USPS or
    UPS box)? Some products are awkward in size or are too heavy to make them a viable
    product option for you to sell on eBay because of shipping costs. You might blow all
    your profits searching for a box that will fit and in paying for extra packing materials or
    outrageous postage to deliver the product to your client. If your product is heavy, try a
    flat rate envelope or box before you abandon the idea.

If you've answered Yes, to the questions in the previous pages, you just may have a product
that's "eBayable." Congratulations! You have merchandise to sell on eBay.
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eBay Selling Tips

Here is a quick eBay
selling guide:

1. Buy in bulk
Sure, you can buy in bulk
retail, by shopping
Walmart or Costco, but
buying in bulk, usually
means buying wholesale.
Buying wholesale requires
business license. which
is easy to do and well
worth the effort.

2. Buy wholesale
Here's a well guarded
wholesale secret source:
GoWholesale is the ideal
solution to find
wholesalers, distributors,
importers and suppliers
who have the products
and services for your
eBay business.

Another great site is
wholesalecentral. But
don't be fooled as they
are really a distribution
site. It's not true

3. Avoid drop shipping
Drop shipping is not
wholesale. Drop shippers
are the middle men and
get a cut of the profits,
often aren't reliable and
can cost you your
reputation. In short,

dropshipping sucks

So when you're looking
for what to sell on eBay,
make sure to buy in
bulk, buy wholesale and
avoid drop shipping
. And
finally, make sure what
you offer has better
prices and is hard to find.
Your creativity  is what
wins on eBay.
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