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eBay Selling Tips

Here is a quick eBay
selling guide:

1. Buy in bulk
Sure, you can buy in bulk
retail, by shopping
Walmart or Costco, but
buying in bulk, usually
means buying wholesale.
Buying wholesale requires
business license. which
is easy to do and well
worth the effort.

2. Buy wholesale
Here's a well guarded
wholesale secret source:
GoWholesale is the ideal
solution to find
wholesalers, distributors,
importers and suppliers
who have the products
and services for your
eBay business.

Another great site is
wholesalecentral. But
don't be fooled as they
are really a distribution
site. It's not true

3. Avoid drop shipping
Drop shipping is not
wholesale. Drop shippers
are the middle men and
get a cut of the profits,
often aren't reliable and
can cost you your
reputation. In short,

dropshipping sucks

So when you're looking
for what to sell on eBay,
make sure to buy in
bulk, buy wholesale and
avoid drop shipping
. And
finally, make sure what
you offer has better
prices and is hard to find.
Your creativity  is what
wins on eBay.
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What to Sell on eBay, and What not to Sell
Part three

  • Can you make a healthy profit while offering a great eBay price on product and
    reasonable shipping for your client? Consumers on eBay are looking for a great deal.
    The most successful transactions are those that are well below retail price and offer fair
    shipping and handling charges. Use the Completed Items function to gage your pricing
    strategy. Do you want to sell massive amounts at a great price or do you want to sell
    fewer of them, but make more profits on each? These are questions only you can
    answer. In consideration of establishing a price that makes sense, strive to make at
    least $10 per total transaction or at least 25-35% margins over your wholesale costs.
    And be sure to calculate your postage expenses by weighing your product carefully or
    you may wind up loosing profits to misquoted shipping and handling charges.

  • Is it worth your time and the listing fees to promote the merchandise? Can you justify
    spending time and money on the eBay listing fees, as well as paying the eBay
    commission fees and the PayPal fees? Do the math to find out. This is an especially
    important consideration for a low priced item or an item that has a long sales cycle. If
    selling just one product will make your sales day, or if you're selling hundreds of a low
    priced item, then the product may be worth your time and the listing fees involved.
    Likewise, listing an unusual item may draw clients to your store for the sheer novelty,
    which may well be part of your strategy. You may also choose to list a low priced leader
    in combination with a strategy for gaining multiple sales by offering combined shipping
    offer. Grocery stores use the concept all the time -- they get you in the store with a 2
    for 1 offer you can't refuse, then you wind up buying all kinds of other groceries in the
    process. Whatever your strategy, make sure the time and money you expend is worth
    all the hassle. More...
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