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What to Sell on eBay, and What not to Sell
Wondering what to sell on eBay? Find merchandise that's "eBayable."

Have an idea for what you want to sell on eBay? That's a good start, but before you invest a
dime in merchandise or in an eBay listing fee, make sure the merchandise you intend to sell
is "eBayable." If you can answer YES to the following questions your product has a good
chance of selling on eBay:

  • Does the product have attributes consumers need, want and will type in a
    search? When it comes to shopping on eBay, buyers come to eBay with a need or a
    want, so the product you sell must fill a NEED or a WANT. Buyers search for product
    attributes through the TITLE, so it's your job to use good selling words. Simply, guess
    what words buyers will use in a search. You'll want to fit as many keywords into the
    title. You'd be surprised how many sellers waste title space using the word "beautiful"
    or "pretty." Avoid such adjectives as no buyer will enter such words into a search.
    Buyers will, however, search brand names, sizes, colors, model numbers, as well as
    terms to describe age or condition.

  • Is the merchandise difficult to get locally? You'll have clients lining up in your eBay
    store if they can't find what you're selling in their local shops. You'd be surprised at
    how many people in Texas can't find a toy cowboy hat. Other examples include:
    NASCAR patches outside of Talladega, flip-flops in winter

  • Have similar products have been purchased on eBay before? Search using the
    "Completed Items" function on eBay to see whether someone has listed or sold similar
    merchandise recently. You may discover you have too much competition and too few
    buyers. If your item is vintage, and there are no other sellers, don't despair as you
    may actually have a highly collectible winner. If there are other sellers and buyers with
    similar merchandise your research using the "Completed Items" function will tell you
    the going rate to enable you to calculate whether it's worth listing. More...
What to sell on eBay:
Your creativity is what
wins when it comes to
selling on eBay. There is
a formula for getting rich
on eBay and here are the
  • buy in bulk (e.g.
    buy wholesale)
  • avoid dropshipping
  • offer better prices
  • sell hard to find
  • Specialize, find
    your a niche

Want to sell books?
Selling books on eBay is
easy if you have an ISBN
(that number by the scan
marks). eBay uses that
number to serve up a
description along with a
picture of the book to
help you sell. Just make
sure the books you sell
are either hard to find
(out of print) or at a
great price.

Whatever books you sell,
make sure you sell in a
niche, or speciality.

Here's an idea for what
kinds of books to sell:

  • Children's books
  • Collector's books
  • Cookbooks
  • Self-help books
  • Text books on the
    newer side.
  • Vintage books
    and magazines

Where to get your books:
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