• Current. Your Web site should adapt over time. You'll meet the goal of being current
    when you add and update your content regularly. One way to stay current is to pay
    attention to popular phrases and keywords that pop up with your audience. Twitter,
    Facebook and other social media and online forums may give you clues as to current
    topics you can address. Using their current jargon may prove helpful in increasing the
    relevancy to your site. Also, be sure to review your old pages and revive them with new
    product availability or new improvements, and update any facts, features or news.
    Finally, don't out-date yourself: be sure to remove dates. If you remove old material,
    you may inadvertently remove traffic from your site, so use the pages to direct readers
    to the updated pages.

  • Original. Set your Web site apart from the others. Give your Web site a "thumbprint"
    with personalized and authentic content. If you wrote the copy yourself, you're likely
    fine, but if someone else wrote it for you, do some digging to verify the originality. Is
    the copy exclusive or have they sold the same content to others who are posting it on
    a Web site? Test the copy by entering some of the words into a search engine to see
    whether the content has been scraped (it's already out there on other sites). Make
    sure you don't copy any three words or more from any other source, which is copyright
    infringement. You can be original with product reviews and comparisons, or pictures
    visitors can't get anywhere else. In other words, put your own spin on your topic!

Now that you have some ideas about how to keep your Web site relevant and original, you'll
want to protect it and optimize it because Google doesn't like it when the same information
floats around the Internet. Thankfully there are some tools that can help protect the content
you've worked so hard to create.

How to protect your Web site as you improve relevancy and optimize
Google and other search engines will take note of content that's new, original, and relevant,
but the strength of what you create gets diluted when others copy your stuff. If your site is
just a repeat of what's already out there, then Google will ignore or pass over your site in
favor more respected sites who have already posted relevant content, so you must protect
what's rightfully yours! Heres' how to protect your site:

  • Copyscape. Copyscape.com can help you protect your content by discouraging others
    to copy your work. Register with Copyscape to get the (see the icon on the lower left
    bar of this page).
  • Be sure to add a copyright symbol © along with the date to your pages. Copy and
    paste this symbol and learn how to get a copyright symbol from your computer.
  • Finally, if you can prove your content is original and someone has copied it, then
    Copyscape may be able to help you. What's more, Google and the other search engines
    can remove the sites from their search engines. This is called "blacklisting."

Keeping your Web site Optimized and relevant for Google Adsense
There are lots of good articles on keeping your Web site optimized for Adsense, but it doesn't
really matter how optimized your site is for Adsense if you wind up getting banned. So instead
of sharing with you the tricks for Adsense optimization, here's what you can do to protect the
integrity of your Web site:

  • Don't create a "made for Google Adsense" Web site. If your Web site is set up with the
    single purpose of generating Google Adsense income, then you  may be sorely
    disappointed at things outside your control, namely click fraud.  One bad apple can click
    one too many times (something Google doesn't like). Google will put your Web site in
    an unsavory category for "Risk of invalid click activity." This means you'll be booted from
    Google Adsense. So even if you're following the rules with Google's Terms of Service,
    some malicious person could click one too many times. That's why it's so important, if
    you have Google Adsense on your Web site, that you monitor your Web site traffic.

  • Employ use of a Web tracker. You'll need to actively protect your income source. Here's
    how you can monitor yoru Web site traffic:

  • Statcounter is free Web tracker, Statcounter.com is essential in your defense for
    spotting malicious activity in the event you need to review your logs with Google
    Adsense. Take steps to protect your Adsense account with Statcounter. You may
    be able to spot nefarious activity and take a proactive step towards reporting to
    Google, before they shut down your Adsense account.

  • Read Google's Terms of Service. See Google's Disabled Account information for more
    ideas on how you can keep your account in good standing. Web publishers often
    overlook this important page, until it's too late. For example, note that it's mandatory
    for Google Adsense publishers is to post a privacy policy. If you don't post one, you risk
    an account termination.

  • Think about multiple streams of income beyond Google. It's always good to have multiple
    streams of income, so try other ways to monetize your Web site.

Check your Page Rank
As you build your marketing campaign, you can start checking the results of your traffic
through these page rank tools:

  • Page Rank Checker! Check your Google Page Rank now. You can also see how you fare
    on your Alexa Rank, MSN Search Results, Yahoo! search results, and the back link count
    you have!

  • Alexa Traffic Rankings: Search your Alexa Traffic Rankings to get an overview of your
    Web traffic, and even compare your site to others.

Site submission help beyond Google:
  • MSN Live Search: MSN is almost harder than Google to get Page Rank. This tool will help
    you submit your site, which is the first step towards getting MSN to notice your content
    and direct traffic to you.
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How to improve page rank
Web site optimization tools to improve Web site page rank and relevancy

Want to improve page rank for your Web site? You'll attain improved page rank with a steady
stream of good content. Google and the other search engines will notice your pages when
you provide relevant content to people who search. So make it your goal to improve page
rank with relevancy, then protect your Web site content and monitor your progress.

How to keep your Web site relevant, optimized:
Okay, you want to "keep your Web site relevant," but how do you know if your content really  
is relevant and how can you keep it that way? You will improve relevancy and improve your
page rank when your Web site content is pertinent, current and original:

  • Pertinent. Is your copy useful? Can you help solve someone's problem, give the visitor
    an idea or educate readers on how to do something? If you can, then your site is
    pertinent to their needs. Quite simply, your copy should be fitting to the words
    someone may enter into the search bar of a major search engine. Before you craft a
    page, try it. Actually type words into Google and the other search engines to see what
    links and keywords pop up. This provides the answer to what search engines currently
    find pertinent. Content that's pertinent is usually compelling, specific or focused to the
    interests of site visitors. Another trick to staying pertinent is to enter a query into
    Amazon to see their search suggestions, which you  might use in your copy.
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