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Cash Back Review of MyPowerMall
Why it's time to say goodbye to Ginny Dye

Ginny Dye's promise is appealing: buy things from your own online shopping mall so you get
a piece of the action, then recruit others to do the same. Everyone receives a shopping
rebate. It started out well, but Ginny's PowerMall went wrong and many believe
MyPowerMall is a scam.

While we wish Ginny Dye and her organization well, we also wish she would go back to the
way things were. We write this not in a competitive  mode, because we sincerely believe
there is abundance for all. We simply wish to appeal to Ginny to return her business
opportunity back to the way it started. In the interim we offer some reasons to reconsider


10. Ginny's proposition is circular and confusing.
You make money when others shop your
mall. Trouble is that nobody wants to shop your mall because they will only make money
with their own mall when someone shops theirs. That's back to the same problem. Right?
How can you make money if everybody is shopping their own mall and not yours?

9. Joining the business starter malls is free?! Really? Apparently it costs $29.95 to get
started and $15.99 a month (that's from a video on her Web site). Again, I'm very confused.
Is that free? I guess it's free to join, but it costs to make money. Fair enough. But this raises
a red flag for me about Ginny's business model. Further, I'm totally confused as there was a
$12.99 subscription to something called "Someone Believes In You!" Either that's another
program or they raised the monthly costs. Whatever! Either way, she's asking for money and
that's just not free anymore. Is it? I just want you to take advantage of a free business
opportunity. That's the way things started on MyPowerMall and I believe Ginny's followers
deserve to be treated with respect.

8. It's BUY the book, not by the book. I guess things weren't going so well at MyPowerMall
because Ginny now says you must agree to buy something from one of her affiliates each
month. If you don't buy something from her affiliates, your powermall risks getting closed.
I'm waving a bigger red flag on this one, too. All your hard work goes down the drain if you
fail to shop one month? So let's say someone buys a flat screen TV for $1,000 one month
and then the next forgets to shop. He's booted and yet the guy who buys an I-tune once a
month gets to stay in the club, but he spend all of $12? That seems unfair to me. Listen, I
want you to get rich on my PowerMall or some other cash rebate site. You shouldn't be
forced to buy anything to make money. You can win without competition and without
conditions. You have options out there.

7. Some PowerMallers had claimed missed paychecks. Was there a glitch in the system or
were there any funds at all to disperse? Whether or not it was true, one thing is for sure,
without trust, the business surely will go bust. Apparently, Ginny has remedied the situation,
but it leaves me feeling uneasy. You deserve a monthly check and to deal with people who
have perfected the art of paying their loyal followers.

6. Her solution is not my solution. Ginny's solution to missed paychecks? She added a
"Powerful payment system" to ensure commissions. It's debit card folks, and word is that
Ginny profits from the processing in the form of a surcharge. Let's say you pay $14.50 for a
Debit Card, it will only cost you $2.50 each month to load it with your commissions. She could
charge the actual costs you know, or absorb the costs from her profits. Whether or not
there's any profit, it seems to me that lots of newbies would be operating at a loss in the
beginning. That's essentially bait and switch. You should have a plan that's friendly to you
and one that does not set limitations or requirements. There is such a plan.

5. Technically, her site is not a non-profit. It may well be a fundraising channel, but I've
noticed dissent from former members on the topic of the fundraising. One Web site in her
name uses the word "
non-profit" which I believe is less than accurate. They do fundraising,
but they are in the position of making money. They are for profit. It's okay to be rich because
then you can give to others. I feel there should be more clarity in the organization
surrounding this issue.

4. Members have complained about the daily e-mails Ginny sends. SPAM-I-AM, SPAM-I-AM,
I do not like that SPAM-I-AM. Ginny has been known in some forums as Ms. Spam-a-lot. I'll
give her this, she lets you opt-OUT of her daily shopping alerts. I personally don't mind
SPAM, but the opt-IN program works best for me.

3. Traffic is slow at MyPowerMall. I've noticed the numbers are down (Web traffic and new
members). Check the Alexa ranking and you'll see for yourself. The numbers show that her
followers are losing interest in her site and her ability to attract new folks is waning. I
checked today and there were just 10 new members.

2. Ginny tells you that you own your mall. Don't be cyber-stupid. Ginny owns your mall. It's
her piece of cyber real estate and not yours. You don't really have a piece of the action.

1. Is eBay on Ginny's list? I don't think so. This issue is very important to me because eBay
buyers and sellers account for 95 percent of my commissions and I found a site that pays me
the highest commission possible at eBay (up to 36 percent of the seller's fees). I checked
and saw eBags but not eBay. This is the number one reason why you should say goodbye to
Ginny Dye, especially if you are an eBay shopper or seller. I want you profit from residual
income and get cash back at eBay. Get in on the
cashback at eBay secret now.

Mind you, the site splits the commission 100 percent and I get paid to five generations. So I
make money when a friend of a friend shops, and when that friend's friend shops and so
on.Some members are content saving money at eBay and hundreds of online stores. Others,
like me, want to help friends save, while making hundreds or thousands of dollars by
treating the referral program as a powerful business opportunity. It's not a shady operation.
They've been online for several years now and have consistently paid every month. Plus, I
can see my progress. The savings add up and the residual income power is amazing. I make
money on other people's eBay auctions, and you can too.

There are lots of
other scams.
M.C. Nygard, right,
wants you to earn a
lifetime of good
residual income,
whether you use
MyPowerMall or not.

The truth is that you
can take advantage of
a truly free business
opportunity to make
money on other
people's eBay auctions.
"WHATEVER may be
said in praise of
poverty, the fact
remains that it is not
possible to live a
really complete or
successful life unless
one is rich."

-- Wallace D. Wattles

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