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My favorite thing Found on Amazon:
Wine Away (stain removal): makes red wine disappear!

Wine and kids don't mix. Thankfully there's Wine Away, one of my favorite items to recommend
buying on Amazon. Wine Away is biodegradable and safe around children and pets. Not only is
it effective at removing red wine stains, but you can use it effectively to remove  juice, sauces,
coffee, colas and other stains, too. This strong citrus smell ensures the product is working.

Spill wine on a white shirt? No problem. It turns a red wine stain a shade of purple, then
washes completely out in the washing machine.

Don't take my word... Food & Wine, Gourmet, Cooking Light, Washington Post, InStyle, Good
Housekeeping and the Queen of Clean tout its "amazing" stain removal ability...and we think
that says more than telling you it works!
M.C. Nygard, former
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her favorite items
found on Amazon:

Coach handbags

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