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Get Paid to Drive a Car
Now that you're savvy on how to get cash back from eBay, discover how to get paid for
an advertising contract

Want to get paid $200 to $400 a month for driving a nice car? Well you can! If you have a
clean driving record, a valid driver's license, carry insurance*, and drive at least a thousand
miles a month, then you can get paid to drive your car with an advertising wrap. Sponsors are
looking variety of vehicles in good working condition, so whether you have a truck, a van, a
coup or sedan, you should consider applying for an advertising contract.

Driving a car with advertising is a fun way to turn heads and drive off the extra income. If
you're an eBay enthusiast or seller, perhaps an eBay car would be for you! Love to drink Coca
Cola? Then perhaps a Coke car is for you! The money could go towards gas if you already
own your vehicle, or could help you make the car payments.

Here are some fun facts to consider about an advertising contract:
  • Advertising wraps are designed just for your car, made of vinyl, and at the end of your
    contract the wrap is removed professionally.
  • Sometimes the sponsoring agency will provide a Global Positioning System unit in your
    car. This helps track your vehicle on mileage.
  • You'll  need to meet with a sponsoring agency representative once or twice a month.
    The representative may download information on the GPS and check the condition of
    the auto and wrap.
  • Depending on the program or location, you could get your car sponsored in as little as
    two weeks or as long as two years.
  • Contract minimums are usally three months, while the maximum could exceed a year.
  • Your earnings will be reported on a 1099 on your taxes as income, so be sure to
    comply with the tax implications.

Check out these companies who may have an advertising contract available near you:
  • AdSmart Advertising: Get $350 a month on your current vehicle or get a brand new
    Nissa Xterra or Volkswagen Beetle with a well-designed ad for free.
  • AutoWrapped: Earn $200-$400 a month for driving your own vehicle!
  • Driving Promotions: Get $300 a month for driving your own vehicle!
  • Paid to ride: Check to see if there's a free car in your area with this report.

* The contract advertising agent may contact your insurance agent to make sure the ad wrap
is covered on the policy; or if you get a free car you may need to purchase insurance
coverage through the contract advertiser.
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