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  1. Get monthly cash back rewards to your PayPal account with any eBay coupons or
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    Then set up an online name for yourself with a password to shop hundreds of online
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  2. Shop through a special portal and see your cashback rewards add up. The best thing is
    that you can shop eBay or hundreds of online stores using one portal. Think of it as your
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  3. Refer friends. When you tell a friend, you'll earn commissions on what they shop through
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Bonus for eBay store owners: It's free to advertise your eBay store with this wonderful
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Want Cash Back at eBay just shopping?
Want to make money when other people shop eBay?

You can get money deposited into your PayPal account when you shop eBay through a
special portal, or when friends you refer shop eBay through this site. This is residual income
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It's like using online coupons, but you don't need to write down any coupon codes. All you do
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Cash Back at eBay (cash rebates and online coupons)
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