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Get your Amazon Associates Account Back
How California Amazon Associates can get reinstated with Amazon

If you're an Amazon Associate in California, upset that Amazon has suspended its California
affiliates, then you may be willing to drive to Nevada to open a mailing address just so that
you can retain your Amazon income. But beware! Talk with your account first because simply
routing your Amazon Associate account through a mailing address to Nevada, Oregon or
Arizona or another state may put you in jeopardy of tax evasion!

Beyond just opening up a mailing address in another State, consider talking with your
attorney about filing for a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This kind of a company is a bit like
having both a corporation and a partnership. You can put your name on the LLC as a member
with the benefit of not being liable for debts of the LLC. You should also ask your attorney
about filing with a registered agent in the state.

And finally, after you talk with your account and your attorney, make sure to see if it all
makes sense as there are fees associated with these three steps:

  • Step one: Open a mailing address in another state (e.g. theUPSstore.com)
  • Step two: Establish an LLC documentation (e.g. LegalZoom.com)
  • Step three: Get a registered agent to establish a physical presence in the state (also
    through Legalzoom.com)

Here's a copy of the letter Amazon sent its California Publishers June 29, 2011.

Make money beyond Amazon
You deserve to make more money at eBay and to look for passive income sources that will free
you from the day to day chore of being an eBay seller. And the same is true if you're an Amazon
Associate publisher or seller.  When you have income that flows from many sources, you are
better prepared to handle changes when one income dries out.

Take for example when eBay temporarily suspended its cash back affiliates in June 2011 to
analyze the affiliate program. eBay has not yet reversed its decision and as a result certain
affiliates have not restored income.

Then there is Amazon who suspended 25,000 of its
California Amazon Associates as they
negotiated tax laws. That was June 29, 2011. Two months later, California Amazon Affiliates
got word that they could re-apply to Amazon; however, the notification was without fanfare.
Amazon provided a simple notification at log in with no major publicity to welcome them back.
During suspension, many
California Amazon Associates opened businesses in other states,
such as Nevada where tax laws are more appealing. This income source may well dry again!

Finally, there's Google Adsense, which is well known for terminating small publishers without
notice. You may be making $5,000 one month from Google and $0 the next.

An important lesson is not only to strive for multiple streams of income, but to have faith in
yourself and your ideas. Because you can make money no matter the apparent obstacle.
eBay.com no longer offers cash back rewards for shopping eBay through its affiliates, but you can still
get cash back through eBay.ca in the U.S.
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