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Auctiva Scam
Is Auctiva a scam?

Auctiva itself is not a scam. The company offers legitimate services for eBay sellers to host an
eBay-like store to help you with cross sells and storing images among other services.
However, you should consider that Auctiva may be STEALING your opportunity to earn
residual income. The truth is that they earn a cut from eBay in sending traffic to eBay, and
they lure your clients with cash back opportunities to undercut your profits.

Why should Auctiva profit on
your clients? You can earn cash back at eBay and make money
helping your clients get cash back! They already take a monthly subscription fee from you.
Don't let Auctiva steal cookies, too.

You see, Auctiva's cookies will over ride your own referral cookies to direct traffic to eBay. You
deserve a cut of the profit. Auctiva knows that there are some smart cookies like you who
want a cut of the action, so they developed  program to allow you to get cash back. Auctiva
owns according to, the service that allows you to lookup
registration data for domains. That program was a little too late and not good enough. You
see, they offer a commission structure to through only three tiers of referrals. The program to
the right offers you cash back for referrals up to five tiers!

And there's more bad news with Auctiva's Kickitback program. They offer you .5% of the
purchase in a cash back while ours offers you up to 36% of the eBay fee in cash back. Do the
math. Here's how it works on in comparison for a product on eBay you purchase on eBay for
  • With Auctiva's Kickitback you'd get just .07 cents cash back. (.5% of purchase price)
  • With us you'd get .59 cents cash back! (36% of the eBay fee).

So the bottom line is this. Why should you earn a half of one percent off shopping eBay
shopping through Auctiva's Kick it Back program, when you could earn much more residual
income shopping with us? There is a program that allows you to make money on other
people shop eBay. It is an ethical and win-win situation for all. offers you the power of residual income. It's a win-win for all. You can
earn residual income for purchases of anyone that follows you, and they will earn cash back
and residual income as well. You can choose to split commissions up to five levels by referring
others, or get much higher commissions from eBay than Auctiva provides through KickItBack.

Get your fair share of cash back at eBay and help others to the same so everyone wins.
(Everyone but Auctiva.) Join. Shop. Get paid. Start today by clicking the box to the right.
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