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Auction Flipping and How to Profit on eBay
You can make good money flipping collectibles on eBay

By M.C. Nygard
Former eBay Platinum PowerSeller

I flip out when I watch those T.V. shows where someone buys a low priced house, then fixes
it up for a fast sale at a nice profit. It takes ingenuity and a fearless pocketbook. In the vast
frontier of cyberspace, I've often thought of flipping a Web site, but alas I haven't mastered
the principles Web site optimization, so I'll stick to what I know best, which is flipping on eBay.

Auction flipping, also sometimes called auction arbitrage, is the art of finding expensive
products that are being auctioned poorly on eBay to win them for almost nothing. When
they're yours you can sell them for much more. There is a science to buying low and selling
high and yet flipping isn't so hard to do when you have the tools necessary to win auctions at
great eBay prices. And it's a lot less risky than flipping a house.

People are amazed to learn that collectibles I sell on eBay were also bought on eBay. Simply I
buy low and sell high for profit on eBay. You can too.

Here are some tools that the best auction flippers, like myself, use to get the lowest prices on

Maximize your Cash Back spending power. Getting cash back from your eBay purchase is
essential in auction flipping, but be warned that not all cash back sites are the same. Our
secret cashback method provides residual income opportunities, and you can pay for your
items any way you like, which means you can leverage it with the cash back power of your
credit card or debit card. Some cash back program require you to use PayPal. Be

After the sale, you can tell the seller how you got cash back on the purchase. Most sellers will
sign up under you and help you grow in residual income. Best of all it's free, with no
commitments whatsoever to join.

Use a Typo Tool. Spelling mistakes happen and when they do, you can profit. We
recommend using the fatfingers typo too help you find eBay sellers typos and spelling
mistakes, because as they say, other people's typos save you money. You see, when a seller
has a typo on their listing, as with the name of a famous designer, fewer people will review
the listing. Fewer watchers equates to fewer bids and better prices.

You see, collectors who buy on eBay search for terms they know, and that includes the proper
spelling of brand names and designers. "Georg Jensen" for example, a favorite silver smith of
collectors, often appears on eBay spelled incorrectly, either the first name as "George" or the
last name as "Jenson." You can buy his wares using the typo tool and flip it to collectors who
will pay you top dollar. You search for the typos and flip it with a listing using the proper

Try a eBay Sniping. Ever wonder how someone sneaks in and steals your auction in the
last few seconds of an auction? It's called sniping and it's a calculated move to have the
computer bid the highest amount you're willing to spend in the last few seconds of the
bidding war. That way you're not artificially bumping up the price along the way. The one we
recommend, above, has a 99.98 percent success rate. While it's a very effective tool in
learning to flip an auction, but one caveat is that you can't use your sniping service and also
get cash back at eBay, so choose wisely when you want to snipe.

Learn from a Nemesis bidder. Have you been losing bids in a selected niche because of
one bidder in particular? Wouldn't it be nice to know their bidding habits so you can win next
time at just above what they might pay? Well you can! All you need is our
Auction Spy Tool to
learn where your nemesis bidder is buying so you can copycat their success. We've tracked
the authors of collectible books or others who proclaim to be king or queen of the auctions.
It's easy and fun to snoop their buying habits.

The Perfect Auction Flip
Once you've secured your merchandise for the lowest possible price at eBay and received
cash back for your purchase, it's time to gather up your wares and sell them simultaneously.
Make sure you have at least five similar items as shoppers will want to buy more from you to
save money on postage and add to his or her collection, and you can highlight the other four
with eBay's cross sell tool.

Now timing is everything. To set up auctions that run simultaneously, use eBay's feature to
schedule your auction for Sunday night at 6 pm PST -- you can make auctions end at the same
time. Sunday night is the heaviest traffic day and having an ending time at 6:00 p.m. ensures
you'll have the most buyers East to West in the U.S. and Canada. Of course, if you're selling in
Australia, or the United Kingdom, you'll want to adjust the time accordingly. Rest assured that
this is still the best practice even though eBay changed the algorithms with its "Best Match"
M.C. Nygard, right,
wants you to earn cash
back at eBay, and  
make money referring
others to shop eBay.
You can profit on eBay.

Ideas to Profit on
eBay and beyond:

Get paid to slap on a
bumper sticker
Make money on OTHER
PEOPLE's eBay listings:
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