• Step two: To find a good deal on eBay, search for typos like "Caoch" or "Coch" or
    "Coah" or just use our eBay typo tool. You can get a great deal on eBay when sellers
    make typos in their auctions. With typos fewer people will find the auction, which
    means there will be fewer bidders and a better price. If you use the typo tool to find a
    deal, then be sure to "watch" the item before you bid or buy. That's because you'll
    want to shop through a special portal to earn your cash back rewards at eBay. You
    won't get that deal from using the typo tool.

  • Step three: Analyze the Amazon and eBay deal in terms of shipping, taxes, and any
    cash back rewards you may get from the purchase.

Price comparison for Coach (Amazon vs. eBay):
  • Coach Pink Wallet: We found this pretty wallet titled "Coach Khaki Pink Flower
    Envelope Wallet" on Amazon for just $168.00 with free shipping. The same Coach
    wallet we found on eBay had the title "NWT COACH SIGNATURE PINK FLOWER SLIM
    ENVELOPE WALLET" and had a starting bid of $179.00 and a buy now price of $209.
    Shipping was $17.15. Who wins? Amazon!

  • Coach Pink Rhinestone Handbag: We found this sparkly Coach tote for just $241.21
    on Amazon with free shipping under the title "Coach PINK Signature C Rhinestone
    Studded Logo Leather Gallery Tote Handbag 13121." The same Coach handbag had
    cost of $299.00 with free shipping. Who wins? Amazon!

  • Coach Green wallet: This green Coach pocketbook, left, was not available on eBay at
    all. Valued at $238.00 with free shipping we found it on Amazon only under the
    description "Coach Slim Green Envelope Tote 41056B4GN."

  • Coach Green Satchel: Not pictured, we found a spring fresh handbag titled "New
    Amazon. The starting eBay price was $259.00 and it had a buy it now price of $339.99
    and a shipping cost of $17.25. While the same pretty handbag entitled "Coach Green
    Leather Madeline Tote 11554B4GN by Coach" for $324.00 with free shipping. What's
    more, the purchase was eligible for a cash back rebate. Who wins? The jury is out on
    this one as it depends on whether there is a bidding war on eBay. Our safe bet is on
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eBay versus Amazon
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Even so, sometimes
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special that you just
can't find on eBay.
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Coach handbags: are they
cheaper on eBay or

If you're looking for this
Coach Hampton's Patent
Leather Madeline Blue
Satchel Handbag (11789) in
Chambray Blue, look no
further than Amazon. You'll
get great prices on the real
deal of Coach handbags.

We found two sellers on
eBay offering sales of this
fine Coach handbag at half
the retail price. One eBay
priced handbag was $239.00
wiht $9.95 shipping and the
other which claimed to be
pre-owned was $189.95 with
free shipping.  

On closer inspection, what
seemed like a good deal
was probably not. In
comparison with the picture
above, they appear to
obvious knockoffs. When
looking at handbags, check
the stitching on the edges. A
Coach colored leather
handbag should not have
the underside black or brown
leather showing.

The eBay sellers may well
have believed they had the
real deal, but from the
pictures, the Coach
Hampton's bags they're
selling appear to be
knockoffs. (See picture at
the bottom of this page.)

The only Coach handbag
that appeared to be the real
deal on eBay had a buy it
now price of $428.00 with a
shipping price of $14.95.

Spot a fake Coach? Write
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Amazon vs. eBay: how to buy a coach handbag
Shopping for a Coach handbag or wallet? Discover how to find a
better deal whether it's from Amazon or eBay.

Shopping for a Coach handbag or wallet? If you're shopping for Coach handbags or wallets
online, then you may be surprised that you can get a great deal shopping Amazon instead of
eBay. Amazon seems to have the newest styles and more reputable sellers, and delivery is
quick as Amazon sellers must ship within two days. Whereas the authenticity of Coach
handbags found on eBay may be questionable as Coach doesn't authorize Internet auction
sales, and you'll have to wait for the auction to end and the seller to ship at his or her

Here's how to shop for a great deal on a Coach handbag or wallet:

  • Step One: Search both eBay and Amazon to find the handbag you want.Start your
    search using the word "Coach" and combine it with the color you need, next add the
    word: satchel, handbag, purse, bag, tote, wallet and the like to find different ways a
    seller might describe what you want. To narrow your search by adding a descriptive
    term, such as "Signature" or "Hobo." You can often find a good deal when a seller uses
    the word "satchel" when most people are searching "handbag." We found these great
    deals on Amazon:
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