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Affiliate Marketing Tools
Resources to build referrals for your Web site, blog or program

Earning residual income is exciting and as you build your income with time, you learn there are
loads of free resources for affiliate marketers. As there is a Science to Getting Rich, so too is
there a Science to affiliate marketing. There are tools that can help you generate organic
traffic for your Web site.

Check out these free affiliate marketing tools, including our affiliate marketing bookstore, plus
a sitemap generator, spidermap creator, web site analysis, keyword analyzer and more:

Affiliate Marketing Bookstore: Going to the bookstore to find these gems is not easy. We've
made your shopping a breeze.

SiteReportCard: Get free a Web site analysis. Plus, use the image optimization tool that
compresses images and helps increase download speed!

XML-sitemaps: Build your sitemap online with this free online sitemap generator that search
engines love. Here's what our sitemap looks like.

Spider Map Creator: Your Web site deserves to get noticed and this cool tool helps you
create links for search engine spiders. It crawls your site and helps you make a spidermap.
Then all you need to do is place it on your site to help search engines find your Web site.

SEO CHAT: This site is loaded with forums, downloads and free information rated by others,
such as articles on choosing keywords. You'll also find a free Adsense Calculator, Keyword
Analyzer and more to help you with our affiliate marketing.

Keyword Analyzer: Once you've selected your keywords for your Web site, then you'll want
to use this tool to check the keyword density (to see how well your copy matches your
keyword selections). This is an affiliate marketers dream.

LinkAlizer makes it easy and fast for you to find link exchange partners which will help you
increase traffic for your affilate marketing program.

Want more help with affiliate marketing? There are lots of other ways to get referrals and
build a downline.

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