eBay.com no longer offers cash back rewards for shopping eBay through its affiliates, but you can still
get cash back through eBay.ca in the U.S.!
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If you have an eBay ID and
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  • Know what they've

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Profiting on eBay

Originally, this Web site was created to teach others how to get cash back at eBay.
Unfortunately, eBay suspended all cash back programs. We anxiously await eBay's return and
until then, we're dedicated to helping you earn money on eBay and beyond.

Want to profit on eBay? Be sure to check our eBay seller guide and eBay buyer guide. Also,
consider these eBay resources:

  • eBay spy tool lets you see how much other sellers on eBay earn. This helps you
    research a profitable niche. If you find a seller has a good income, then you can sell the
    same products and earn the same good income on eBay that they're earning.

  • eBay typo tool helps you find typos in eBay listings. If a seller has made a spelling
    mistake it means fewer bidders, which means you'll have a better chance to win the
    item at a great price. Now you can "watch" the item and use the eBay cash back tool
    before you buy so you can get cash back for every purchase.

  • Cash back at eBay tool provides an extra income source by giving you and your team
    cash back at eBay and hundreds of other stores. Everyone wins!
  • Earn money on other people's eBay auctions.
  • Get monthly cash back rewards for doing your regular online shopping.
  • Advertise your eBay store for free.
  • Share ideas on how to make money on eBay and beyond with other members.

Want to profit beyond eBay? Discover how to get started in passive and residual income and
how to profit beyond eBay.

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Make money on eBay, Amazon and Beyond
Tools for online sellers to attract wealth and abundance
You deserve to make money on eBay, Amazon, ETSY, RubyLane and beyond! You can make
money selling things online, but the first rule is to learn about
passive income so that when you
are unable to work, you have an income source beyond what you create. You must always create
something and your plans must always include the means for which to attain residual income to
help others and yourself.

Law of Attraction and how to make more money
"Like causes under like conditions, produce like effects: business success is an effect and
cannot be an exception to the law of cause and effect. The cause of success is the [person]
who succeeds; something in the [person] has been applied to his [or her] work and has
produced a certain result."
-- This business attitude for success by Wallace D. Wattles is from a
rare booklet entitled "How to Promote Yourself" copyright 1910 by Elizabeth Towne.

Learn how to be wealthy on eBay and Beyond: Read THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH, a
classic book by Wallace D. Wattles written in 1910.

Audio of The Science of Getting Rich

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